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My Daughter's THOUGHTS

My 5yr old's point of view

Talking about her brothers.

What is it like having two autistic brothers?

Pain in the arse

My Aspergic husband talking.  He's the one in the picture on the floor!

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Mum and Daughter
Having a short chat about her and her brothers.
Mum and Daughter.mp3
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Mum: What’s it like having two autistic brothers?


Daughter: Awesome!


Mum: Yeah, what do you like..(interrupted)


Daughter: AND ‘cause sometimes xxx pinches me but that’s ok cause I, I still love him cause he’s my brother and sometimes he pinches me but that’s ok because my autistic brothers doesn’t matter because they still love me (KISS)


Mum: Anything else would you like to..


Daughter: Sometime they pinch me but that, that doesn’t matter because I’m brave and I’m a good girl.


Mum: And how clever are you with your brothers?


Daughter:  I’m awesome. Errm He’s my brother and erm even I love them. (KISS)


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