Roxy's school programme

Roxy's school programme is detailed in the guide below but partly consists of a book for children at transition age, when they are moving from primary to secondary school.


It is essentially a story about emotional welbeing but originally was to be about domestic violence.  However, if you are talking to a child about the book it is a story about a dog called Roxy and the experences she has.


It contains chapters which subtly allow a child to empathise with everyday experiences which, through further discussion, allows a child to analyse the experiences, understand them and help to handle the emotional content.  The intention is to allow the child the opportunity to cope with such situations in future in order to protect their welbeing.


The book can be used for parent/carer to engage the subject of mental health with a child.  The exercises open a valuable space for discussion, this is the most important aspect.  Try the sample and you can decided whether to purchase the full workbook.


The book is completed and we are looking for a primary school run a pilot of the programme.  The pilot will take one week and from the feedback and other data corrected we will be able to prove 1. Increased mental health awareness, 2. Reduced Stigma and 3. Increased resilience.


This book is reading homework as part of a schools programme.  The guide details the implentation of the programme which includes details about Roxy's Book.


Assuming our success in achieving our outcomes and Funding permitting we expect to roll this programme out in as many primary schools as possible to support the generations each year.


The Books Final version is below to purchase.  The text has been reviewed by counsellors, a psychologists and mental health professionals for their feedback.


Review: Roxy Says You are Here 


"A book essentially about emotions, its narrative follows a dog, Roxy, and its adventures with family and friends.  With each chapter representing a specific emotion set in an engaging scenario that a child can relate, the book aims to educate children on various feelings and how they can be managed.

Throughout the chapters, specific words are highlighted and these are associated with various emotions felt by different characters.  The meaning of the words is found in a glossary at the back of the book.  

While reading the book to my daughter, we were able to discuss Roxy’s and the other character’s reaction to different situations and circumstances.  The questions from the guide initiated the start of many conversations regarding emotional wellbeing, which I wouldn’t have otherwise had with my 9-year-old daughter.

This book is a good opportunity to delve into the complexities of feelings and emotions in a way which isn’t intrusive to children."


You can find all the downloads below or on the resources page on Roxy's Resources Page Click Here.


Roxy Says U R Here ---><3

Full Colour A5 Stapled Workbook (for adults and children to create the environment allowing them to share the learning experience). Use at home or in conjunction with Roxy's School Mental Health Programme.

Please confirm your delivery address when making payment and allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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Roxy says, you are here ----><3
A free usable preview of Roxy's book used to facilitate discussion. About Roxy the dog and the adventures she has with her friends. Used with the guide you can use this to tease out responses from young people and further discussion and communication.

This book provides emotional vocabulary with a glossary of emotional words explaining their meaning. Combined with the guide this is a great start to providing emotional intelligence for young children and is primarily targeting 10/11yr olds. The last year at primary schools.
The full A5 colour book can be purchased from Mind Angels in singles and quantities for groups or classes.

Written by Andrew Samuels
Illustrated by Jess Morton and Service Users from the Hillingdon Mind Art Group
Preview - Roxy says - You are Here by An[...]
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Forward & Guide to Roxy's Schools Programme
Please read this first.

This details the programme of activity and how the book is intended to be used. Please contact us if you would like more information on running this programme in your area. We are running a pilot at a school within the next month and will be able to update the document and this post with measured outcomes.
Foreward and Guide for Roxy's Schools Pr[...]
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Sample Feedback Form
This feedback form, based on the MYMOP method, will be used to measure and score feedback. Using this document we can determine the success of Roxy's Programme. The measurements are;

1. Raised Awareness
2. Reduced Stigma
3. Increased Reliance/Empowerment

Please contacte if you have any questions or suggestions.
School Feedback Template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [392.0 KB]
Professionals Feedback Form
Any school member of staff will be asked for feedback. This form will be given to all professionals involved to provide qualitative data for analysis of the programmes effectiveness and improvement.
Roxy - Professional Feedback Template.pd[...]
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