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The resources here are for Roxy's schools programme.  They are available as PDF's and are free to use.


Roxy's book is also available as a full PDF download but is not free.  A sample of the book which can be used by parents, school staff or schools if they wish to run the programme themselves.  Used in conjunction with the guide and following Chapter 7: "How the chapters are structured and can be applied", the adult can lead the child through a structured method of facilitating discussion around the topics raised in the chapters.  This will go sopme way towards two of the three outcomes for the programme.  ie. Raising awareness and reducing stigma.  Providing Resilience requires skills to lead the child to strategies the child can employ.


The full programme engages the child through activities and is implemented by a professional with listening, counselling, mentoriing, coaching skills and experience.  This is what we do and the presentation for this part of the programme is not included.


Please contact for confirmation of pricing and/or quantity.  Payments are donation to the charity to continue and further our work around elderly wellbeing and childrens mental health.


Roxy Says U R Here ---><3
9.99 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

The full colour A5 stapled workbook used in conjunction with Roxy's School Mental Health Programme.

Please confirm your delivery address and if you would like your logo on the back page when making payment.

If you wish to get a PDF please contact us first at


Resources Downloads

Forward & Guide to Roxy's Schools Programme

Please read this first.

This details the programme of activity and how the book is intended to be used. Please contact us if you would like more information on running this programme in your area. We are running a pilot at a school within the next month and will be able to update the document and this post with measured outcomes.

Roxy says, you are here ----><3

A sample of the book used to facilitate discussion. About Roxy the dog and the adventures she has with her friends. Used with the guide you can use this to tease out responses from young people and further discussion and communication.

This book provides emotional vocabulary with a glossary of emotional words explaining their meaning. Combined with the guide this is a great start to providing emotional intelligence for young children and is primarily targeting 10/11yr olds. The last year at primary schools. 
The full A5 colour book can be purchased from Mind Angels in singles and quantities for groups or classes.

Written by Andrew Samuels
Illustrated by Jess Morton and Service Users from the Hillingdon Mind Art Group

Sample Feedback Form

This feedback form, based on the MYMOP method, will be used to measure and score feedback. Using this document we can determine the success of Roxy's Programme. The measurements are;

1. Raised Awareness
2. Reduced Stigma
3. Increased Reliance/Empowerment

Please contacte if you have any questions or suggestions.

Professionals Feedback Form

Any school member of staff will be asked for feedback. This form will be given to all professionals involved to provide qualitative data for analysis of the programmes effectiveness and improvement.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.


Thank you for your contribution!  You are helping us to continue and further our work with Elderly Well Being and Children's Mental Health.


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