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These are the current programmmes were are promoting.  Please select an activity to know more.

QiGong for All - Mental and Physical Health

We run and manage Qigong sessions for the Elderly and Suuferers of mental ill health.  Qigong sessions are typically from 30 to 45mins.  It is a moving meditation which improves general feeling of wellbeing and brings participants into the moment.  There is a sense of peace and calm that descends and the feedback is 100% positive.

Roxy's Book - For Childrens Mental Health

Roxy's Book called "Roxy says U R Here" is designed to facilitate discussion with young people about mental health.  It provides emotional vocabulary and emotional intelligence.  It normalises discussion about mental health and gives the listener an opportunity to learn about how their mental health is affected in everyday experiences.

Peer Support Groups - Support for Anxiety and Depression

We are working on developing these groups - Looking to establish them for the 1st quarter in 2019.  

Kals Cards - Emotional Wellbeing Cards

Send a card reaching out to someone who may benefit from contact.  These cards were designed by Kalwinder Dhaliwal, a service user at Hillingdon Mind.  This is his social enterprise we supported him with.  He wanted to give people a way to support others.

Summey Sport - Youth Activity

This sport was designed by a service user called Summey.  It is very physical, requires strategy and to work as a team.  We are looking to create a sports club to develop physical stregth and agility.  Also, to improve discepline, focus and team spirit. 


This is also a great spectator sport but you do need to be fit to play.  You would certainly get fit in the process.  Summey states - "it's better than football" - you don't even need a ball!


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